ARA (first Austrian Rocketeers Association) is a non-commercial rocket club in Austria. It is intented 4 all ppl with interest in blasts and thrust. In addition it has a mailing list which is the main communication platform. ARA plans to celebrate its inauguration soon. All ppl are invited to participate in the first metting. Planned activities will be among:

The ultimate goal of ARA is to get the damn thing into orbit. Cooperations with Escape II and the AAA would be great. Peaceful and safe use of rocket technology must always be assured in our pursuits.

If you are wondering what you could do.... consider that a simple rocket consisting of solid fuel and a cylinder made of cardboard, some fins and a tip usually does it. Its simple! Of course the ARA wants to be open to many ideas, it would be great if you joined the mailing list today and get involved! to subscribe send a mail to Majordomo@lo-res.org. No subject line, in the body of the message type: subscribe rocket

--- in thrust we trust